Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bob Hardy Trip

We had Bob down looking for that one big bite.We caught a few good ones but still that special one is still out there, somewhere...

Keno Group

We recently had Keno and son Chris Ellis down.David Fridell joined them on their trip.Keno and Chris were members of the old Troutmasters weigh team and David used to be a top competitor of mine on the circuit.They came to Big Lake looking for some trout action.I was glad it was not tournament day as David put on a clinic with his pink broken back corky.It seemed like every time I glanced his way he was bowed up.We had a great day of fishing and talking about old times.All big trout were released.

Chris Ellis Group

We had Chris Ellis,Mike Weber and Gary Vinson come down looking for some trout and redfish action.We started off with the specks first on the east bank.They were eating corkies pretty good until a hard south wind messed things up.We then went to plan B and headed to the south shoreline to look for some reds,aka-rubberlips.The area that had been holding some reds for the last few days.We started off a little slow but the rising tide brought the school of reds with it.They destroyed our corkies,literally,wires were bent in all directions.Several are now part of the oyster reef.I think Paul Brown loves redfish...

Thursday, March 18, 2010

David Craft Group

We had David Craft and son Cameron down on Sunday.Their friends Paul Burns and Bobby Sandel joined them for the trip.We had extreme low tides due to a recent cold front and I decided to head to a reef thats usually to deep to wade.The four of us jumped out of the boat and worked our way to the reef.As we approached the shell David was the first to hook up.A short time later we all began catching trout trout to 3 lbs before the tide quit.At this time we went south to an area that was holding some bigger trout on a prior occasion.As we made our wade Cameron walked into a school of big fish.His first trout was a fat 5 pounder on a broken back corky,followed by a larger trout that broke him off after making a close pass and blowing spray all over Cameron.That was all we needed to see and we all joined in on the action.We caught trout to 7 lbs.David had a huge fish up close that spit the corky devil back at him.He guestimated it at 8 or 9 lbs.All the big fish were released.We kept 30 or so for the skillet...

Monday, March 1, 2010

Dr Stephen Williams Trip

We had Dr Williams down yesterday.The Doc was looking for his first double digit trout.We had high pressure right on top of us and blue bird skies.We also had an ideal wind forecast,northeast at 5,turning to the southeast at 5 by afternoon.With another front approaching from the west we thought that might make um eat.We guessed right.We both caught approx 20 trout each on our first wade.We relocated to another spot and the big trout bite was on.We caught and released numerous trout up to 7lbs with most averaging over 5.No 10 pounders,maybe next time.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Rik Miller and Mike Flynn Trip

We had Rik Miller and Mike Flynn from Houston down looking for some big trout action.We found a few.Here is a couple of nice ones.All came on corkies.Photographed then released.

Fishing Tackle Unlimited Group

We recently had Joe Meyer and Ron Shepherd of FTU down from Houston.Larry Gerdes,also of Houston joined us in the search for some big speckled trout.We experienced some major league trout action.They ate broken-back corkies and fatboys.

Strickland Trip

We had Tim and Sam Strickland,Blake Baugh and Jim Ezell from Houston down for a wadefishing trip for redfish,aka,rubber-lips.We hammered um pretty good for several hours.Got them on Brown Lures,devil-eyes.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Steve Nelson Trip

I had Lake Calcasieu big trout specialist,Steve Nelson join me in search of the big un.We caught several good ones.We are still looking for that right one.All were released.

Bob Hardy & Doug Ruttledge Trip

We had Bob Hardy and Doug Ruttledge down from the Houston area.These two Texas wadefishermen are hardcore to say the least.We waded in extreme big trout conditions.The outside temp. was 50 degrees with the water at 52 degrees,with a perfect mist and a light n/e breeze.We were looking for a double digit trout.We fished all day for a few bites and caught a few good ones but no ten pounder.I bet they will be back

Redfish Frenzy

We had Brian Ko,Joe Pena,Lou Nufer and Bennett Jason down from the Houston area.We were met at the boat ramp by a howling south wind.We were forced way south to a protected shoreline with a drain coming out of the marsh.We hammered the redfish .We caught and released reds for some time.We then relocated to another spot where we caught several nice trout including one Brian caught pushing the 8lb mark.

Gagneaux Trip

We had Jim & Jay Gagneaux down .We were field testing Paul Browns new broken back corky and big devil.The specks and reds ate um up.We kept a few for the skillet and released the big ones.

Monster Trout Caught

Had Larry Gerdes of Houston down looking for the big one.Will Drost of Lake Charles joined us in the search.We enjoyed a banner day in catching and releasing numerous magnificent fish.Will had the best two,one that pulled the boga to just over 10 lbs and another over 9.