Thursday, March 18, 2010

David Craft Group

We had David Craft and son Cameron down on Sunday.Their friends Paul Burns and Bobby Sandel joined them for the trip.We had extreme low tides due to a recent cold front and I decided to head to a reef thats usually to deep to wade.The four of us jumped out of the boat and worked our way to the reef.As we approached the shell David was the first to hook up.A short time later we all began catching trout trout to 3 lbs before the tide quit.At this time we went south to an area that was holding some bigger trout on a prior occasion.As we made our wade Cameron walked into a school of big fish.His first trout was a fat 5 pounder on a broken back corky,followed by a larger trout that broke him off after making a close pass and blowing spray all over Cameron.That was all we needed to see and we all joined in on the action.We caught trout to 7 lbs.David had a huge fish up close that spit the corky devil back at him.He guestimated it at 8 or 9 lbs.All the big fish were released.We kept 30 or so for the skillet...

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